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.Youth Future Project

Seed of life supported the conference of the Youth Future Project in Bonn.

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What makes more sense to pursue as a way conducive to the preservation and development of life? Aren't we all alive? So what prevents us from going new ways?

As our old thinking always stands in the way during changes, we know of the consequences on new ways...

...which we have to take due to new conditions.

The old thinking cannot admit that the old path of greed, egoism, aggression and the intellect has brought us to the consequences we are facing this very moment.

The thinking which we have learned asks: What am I going to loose? instead of What am I going to gain?

It simply would like to find new technological means to resolve the looming shortage of resources successfully. The question then arises how to minimize the impact of the old behavior WITHOUT going to the basis of thinking. Because thinking is limited to what was successful in the past and it attempts to make up excuses fueled by fear that only a small change of direction will be necessary to save oneself into the new world.

But what would we gain then?
We would build a new world with the old thinking, which is still based on separation and fear. The solution however is to no longer rely on the old foundations of mind, but to look at everything factually and to approach the foundation differently.

Do the old ideas not mean that we always continue to fight wars to keep on building up the foundation of aggression and violence? Is it not true that we see no change since thousands of years in the human way? Won’t these wars keep going, in our economy and in our heads? Don’t we still see each other as separate from everything that is, even though we are a part of a limited beautiful world.

We therefore believe that the new human way must arise from a fundamental understanding of the entire process of life and understanding of the limited space of the earth.

If we follow this new way we will meet many types of defenses (also inside of us):
There will be denial of the new way, also aggression and laughter. These are normal consequences of change, a change we all urgently need.

Since we know that the oncoming aggressions are normal, we go further and explore new qualities in our mind that make us more free. The transformation happens in the whole of mind and not only in thought. We recognize that we are all together on earth and that our heartbeat and our wishes unite us for a beautiful way of BEING on this planet. We discover a new lively exchange, without wanting to hold on and we discover new sides in us that surprise us and let us become free. We know the old rules of business, we are experienced in fighting and we are willing to question these things and to master the fight by not fighting anymore. We will look at the situation and prove that we can look deeper.
We practice to keep the balance and ask daily: Where am I going, are the old behaviors still active? Do I really want to build a new world with all my heart, a world that is in harmony with all of life?

We keep asking ourselves if we ask the right questions, or ask only the questions correctly. The reflection and the questioning of where we are going is an important element to make a conscious decision at every step. It is also important to be cautious not to fall for new ideals, dogmas and ideas. We know that this is the basis of separation and the beginning of arguments and to fight wars.

We are aware that our way leads us through all areas of human interactions, it integrates all points of view in order to reach a larger view. It includes all divisions of the human BEING and flows through all subject areas. The path begins with each one of us. With me. With you. It comes from the depths of our heart and is coupled with a sharp mind, which wipes the illusions of separation aside.

We develop new trans-disciplinary and holistic projects and views. We begin with the facts. For there is no learning when thinking starts from conclusions. We take a good look at our own violence, to see what happens, to learn how it arises, that we separate ourselves from each other. We look at our history and our education, as well as what the media tell us about the deeper perspective to practice and train our mind. We are not afraid and we don’t run away – also not from ourselves. We develop new forms of exchange, so we can grow.together.

We know we have much to learn about us. We know that each of us is very special and we know that we live together on earth, travel together during this time and that we all want to live without suffering. The path is new. Because it integrates the status quo that we have co-created instead of denied. It questions all of our doctrinal beliefs that separate us from each other. It spurs the truth and discloses the facts that do not enable us to find each other and it integrates them instead of ignores them.

Ask yourself:
Where do I stand?
What is my path?
Where does the path of my thoughts lead me?
Where am I therefore going with those?
Do I separate myself from the environment or do I integrate myself?
What kind of world is created through that?
Do I want to continue to sow such a world?
Or are there ways to sow the seeds that honor and integrate life?
How do I change the world through my own change?



Seed of Life is a free, international movement, creative and non-violent, which advances new human perspectives, which makes a contribution, so that the different points of view can unite, so that new companies, products and perspectives can come into being which will help us to understand that we are the guardians of life. Our central focus is the value of life. We are the change that we want to see in the world. Everyone for themselves, and yet together. For life!